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A real process manager for Sugar

Sugar corner

bpmCommercial editions users, to whom this post is dedicated, will be pleased to know that Sugar came at last with a real Business Process Management (BPM) engine, to make complex operations and rules simpler and automatic, such as:

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Thinking About SaaS Risks – Part 1: Data Security

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Iflast year’s Sony hack reminded everyone that not securing your own data can be embarrassing,the recent Ashley Madison fiasco proved that failing to secure your customers’ data can be a whole lot worse.

The frequent headlines about cyber security breaches and hacking, along with concerns about data snooping by governments around the world, have caused many to inquire just how secure the data inside their CRM solution might be. They are right to ask. With so much customer data at stake, there is a lot to think about with CRM security.

Let’s look at what can go wrong:

Earlier this year,the FCC fined AT&T $25 million for data security and privacy violations that exposed about 280,000 U.S. customers’ names and full or partial Social Security numbers. The breaches occurred when employees at call centers used by AT&T in Mexico, Colombia and the Philippines accessed sensitive customer data…

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SugarCRM Footer Logo Remove

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Hi Googler,

Let us discuss about how to remove the SugarCRM Footer logo..
You all are aware of the power of the SugarCRM Tool and also must be very eager to remove the footer in order to make it look more professional.
So below mentioned are some tricks for removing the footer from SugarCRM Community edition.
1) Open-modules/Administration/ updater_utils.php

Add-exit() ; in betweenfunction check_now()andreturn .

By doing this u can remove ‘powered by sugar crm’ footer logo.

2) Go to modules/Trackers/Tracker.php, line 128, in the ‘logPage’ function. Drop the ‘echo’ statement.

3) Now to root(Sugarfolder)includemvcviewsugarview.php

and modify the line array(show header => true, show subpanel => true………..and so on)

and make the changes to showfooter=>true to showfooter=>false

And then enjoy by making it as your own built tool.

As per the requests, make a reply and then I’ll post the code and path to let you…

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Why is the Customer Experience Key to the Success for Enterprises?



Seeing their enterprise growing is the only objective of any entrepreneur. Be it a small businessman or an entrepreneur running a large business, they work in the direction to take their organization to the next level. To achieve their desired objective customer experience plays a vital role. It is a fact companies planning to go a long way should be customer centric. Unlike earlier, the scenario where customer experience was not considered much has totally changed.

Enterprises have started getting smart using the latest technologies and implementing some game-changing strategies that can help them get desired results. Entrepreneurs have now started focusing on customer satisfaction and their feedbacks. To plan a long term business, customer experience should be the foremost aspect to be considered and worked upon.

CRM software, being one of the basic necessities of businesses around, holds great significance in the corporate world. Simplifying business activities is the…

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